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Overnight Boarding

Their home away from home is climate controlled year around with rubber mats in each home so that dogs are not laying directly on the floor. Boarding dogs get to go out in playgroups during the day if they get along with other dogs well. If they do not get along with other dogs, I do take them out separately for play and potty time. Pets are taken out at least 4 times a day and allowed to stay out for longer periods of time when the weather is nice. I do play a radio in the kennel at all times. 

Owners are welcome to bring treats and bedding if they would like, I do not guarantee what shape it will go home in. Pets do tend to chew on bedding while boarding.


Daycare is for anyone who would like to bring their ​pet just for the day to be able to play and have potty breaks. Pets have the same accommodations that boarding pets have, they are allowed in the playgroups as long as they get along with everyone else, If not then they are taken out on their own and allowed to play and potty.