Vaccine Requirements



Bordatella (Kennel Cough)

Dogs must be current on all Vaccines. Poof of vaccines must be emailed or  texted to me prior to dropoff. If I do not have proof, your pet will not be allowed to board or daycare.

All puppies must have all 3 sets of their shots to board or daycare. 

( 4 months of age)

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Hours of Drop-Off 

and Pickup

Drop-off and Pickup are scheduled by appointment. We are a small business with our home on premises. As such, we try to stay aware of the coming and going on our property to off-set anxious dogs, get our other duties set aside and in general be available for you upon arrival. For this reason, scheduling a time that you and your pet arrive gives us the ability to focus on welcoming you (or saying goodbye) in an efficient and calm manner. Should a scheduled time ever need to be changed feel free to call or message us and we will gladly try to accommodate a time that works for you.

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 Overnight Boarding

$15 a night for the first pet 

$10 - A night for each additional pet in the same family.

Daycare: Please call for availability. 


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