Vaccines Required




Dogs have to be current on all vaccines. Poof of vaccines can be faxed or emailed to me or brought with your pet at time of boarding or daycare. If I do not have proof, your pet will not be allowed to board or daycare.

Puppies must be 4 months or older to board. This is so that they have had all of their vaccines and are at a lower risk of catching or transmitting anything . Puppies must have their last set of shots 10 days prior to boarding or daycare.

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If your pet is aggressive toward staff or other dogs, they are not allowed to board or daycare, this is for the protection of staff and other pets.

Dogs do not have to be spayed or neutered to board or daycare, but we do not allow females in heat . If your female comes in heat while boarding, there will be an additional fee added to your bill and she will be kept separate from the other dogs.

I do require owners to bring their own food, the reason for this is I do not like to change their food when they are staying away from family and home. This could cause an upset stomach. If for some reason you do not bring food or your pet runs out of food, I will provide Purina brand dry food. There will be an additional fee add per day.

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Daycare: $10 a Day

Overnight Boarding: $15 a night for the first pet.

$10 a night for each additional pet in the same kennel.

A one night deposit is required at the time a reservation is made,this will go toward your final bill. You may make the deposit by credit card, debit card or by coming to the kennel and paying in person. 

Your reservation will not be guaranteed until the deposit is made.

Deposit is non-refundable, If you give 48 hours notice of cancellation, the deposit will be credited to your account, if you do not give 48 hours notice, it will be lost. This is due to me being a small kennel and holding places for people who may or may not show up.

Thank you for understanding.

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